“Ladies, you are beautiful just the way you are! The media distorts beauty. no matter how thick or thin, no matter how light or dark, no matter how thin, thick, short or long your hair is, no matter what color your hair and eyes are or how tiny your waist is. Don’t let them brainwash you too. Don’t be like everyone else. Be you! Because You are beautiful, gorgeous, pretty just the way you are. :) ♥”
ME #DC Taken by YD.
ME #DC Taken by YD.
ME #DC Taken by YD
“I don’t want to be like everyone else. I want to be me! ‪#loveyourself‬ inside and out.”
“Don’t let small things put u down..life is short and we have to absorb and take in every bit of it.”
“Know your strengths and weaknesses to become a better you, understand yourself and become powerful and strong”
“Patience is a virtue..one of the hardest things to overcome in life”
“Good things come to those who wait.”